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Social Studies

The goal of social studies instruction at LTHS is for students to acquire knowledge of what it is to be human, to live in social groups, and to be part of a world made up of all types of cultures and nations. Social Studies helps students examine the history and roots of customs, institutions, beliefs, and prejudices. It teaches young people where they have come from so they may think clearly and make intelligent choices about where they are going. Through social studies instruction, students will gain understanding of cultural and ethnic differences. It also serves as a vehicle to enable students to perform the duties of citizenship and to acquire the analytical skills they need to function in the 21st century. Through the use of critical reading, writing, and cooperative group work, students will develop the ability to process information, analyze it, and synthesize it into a realistic world view.
The Social Studies Department has established standards for student learning that both guide its courses and programs and challenge students academically. There are six general standards as titled and stated below. In addition, each general standard has specific student learning standards that are available upon request. Finally, specific standards for each course and program have been developed, and these are distributed to students at the beginning of each semester or annual course.

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Daniel Buys, Ed.D
Division Chair
Mica Vahl
Assistant Division Chair
Claire Bach
Administrative Assistant