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History of Auto Club

LT's First Auto Club (1955)

Class of 1955 Auto club celebrates the first ever auto club in the history of LTHS.   Below the article states that the new program became a hit!  It says that the interest in the club will continue as long as their is an interest in the automobile.  The article on the right states that the the auto shop is one of the busiest places in the school.  It also goes on to share that there was a waiting list of 60 seniors attempting to get 3 more classes approved.
1955 Auto Club
1955 Auto Club.a


2010 LTCC

2010 LTCC
LTCC was founded fall of 2010
at Lyons Township High School.
What started as a dream has finally become a reality. 
Students from all ages come twice a week all year long
to experience what we call “family” - 
a tight knit community of automobile enthusiasts.

This club is the first of its kind in over 30 years!
LTCC was built on a foundation of Integrity. 
This is who we are; this is what you can count on.