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2022-23 School Year

In the 2022-23 school year, LTTV students participated in several media festivals and competitions.

In January, LTTV students won the Award for Cinematic Excellence at the 2023 Student Silent Film Festival, which was held at the Tivoli Theatre in Downers Grove.

In April, Ben Cunin won a Crystal Pillar from the Chicago/Midwest chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for his commercial “LEGO - The Purrfect House”.

Also in April, at the 30th Annual Midwest Media Educators Association Video Festival
, LTTV did very well.  

We competed against students from over 40 other high schools in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. There were 18 categories of competition with 439 total entries.
Here are the category winners from LTTV:

  • In the category of Comedy (out of 29 entries): 5th place for “Fowl Happenings” by Abby Gertsmeier.

  • In the category of Commercial (out of 37 entries): 3rd place for “LEGO - The Purrfect House” by Ben Cunin.

  • In the category of Live Event Sports (out of 21 entries): 5th place for “Basketball: LT vs Hinsdale Central” by Ben Cunin, Michael Badrov, Karman Kapsa, Elliott Marcoux, Gabrielle Boillat, Daniel Murray, Luke Martin, Tom Norgle, and Campbell Schumacher.

  • In the category of Movie Trailer (out of 23 entries): 1st place for “Work, Life, and Death” by Maddox McDonald and 5th place for “Bloody Mary” by Karman Kapsa, Annie Price, and Lilly Dodge.

  • In the category of Music Video (out of 31 entries): 4th place for “Garden Song” by Alex McCarty.

  • In the category of Talk Show (out of 15 entries): 4th place for “The Jam” by Annie Price, Ben Cunin, Jess Majewski, Egan Walsh, and Matthew Rodgers.

Older Awards

Winner of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Student Production Award for Live Sports