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Club Leadership

LTTV Club Leadership

Within LTTV there are a number of different categories of programming and areas of the station that can be defined as distinct departments that work together. Each of these departments will be supervised by LTTV staff, but students will serve greater roles than previously defined by the TV Club through the adoption of these departments.

Each department has student Directors, and within the departments will be student producers assigned to specific areas. Each Director and the producers within their department will assume the responsibility of making sure that the events in their respective category are covered and have sufficient crew. Some Directors, when applicable, will also have the privilege of deciding what programs get played during their assigned time slot in the LTTV programming schedule.

Departments include Creative Services, Music and Performing Arts, News, Public Relations, Sports, and Technical Operations. These departments are explained in more detail below, including estimates for the amount of time needed to commit to the position.

Fulfilling Your Duties

The duties listed under each department head position must be fulfilled on a regular and consistent basis. Each position requires dedication of both time and a commitment to excellence. If the duties are not fulfilled, Mr. Allan reserves the right to remove the student from that position and make the position available to another club member who is willing or more able to do the work.

Positions and Descriptions

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Applications for Department Head Positions

Students wishing to apply for a department head must email Mr. Allan with their name, the position/department they are applying to, and a short summary of their qualifications, experience, and availability.


Department heads will be selected by a committee including Mr. Allan, Mr. Karaffa, and 3 existing TV Club members who previously held executive positions or served as department heads. The committee will review applications, discuss the merits of each applicant, and select the best, most qualified, and most dedicated applicant.