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Recycling Club

The Recycling Club focuses on reducing the environmental footprint of our two campus school with the goal of one day becoming a zero waste institution. Reducing and recycling the paper, cardboard, glass and plastic at LTHS not only saves Illinois landfill space but also decreases the amount of money the school spends on weekly garbage removal.
The club depends on all LT students and staff to help out on a weekly basis to (as Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society put it in 2007) "avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable."

Recycling Tips

  • Recycle only:
    • paper
    • empty plastic bottles
    • empty aluminum cans
    • empty glass bottles
  • No garbage, no liquids, no food / food waste, no dirty tissues.
  • If you are unsure if we recycle the item, please email one of the sponsors below or throw it in the trash.
  • Food, liquids and well intended items (plastic bags) contaminate the load and turns it all to trash. Please ONLY recycle paper, empty plastic & glass bottles and empty aluminum cans.

Here's what should and should not be recycled.   

For More Information

Will Meuer, South Campus Advisor
Patricia Devitt, North Campus Advisor