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Scholastic Bowl

Scholastic Bowl is an official IHSA-sanctioned activity (it’s technically classified as a varsity SPORT!) where teams from different schools compete by answering questions based upon different subject areas such as math, science, literature, religion, mythology, philosophy, economics, history, music, art and current events (think: questions about Ted Lasso and Ryan Reynolds!). Matches include a Jeopardy-style buzz-in format to answer questions and teams then collaborate on more in-depth bonus questions regarding similar subjects. This is a team competition – you do not need to be an expert in all of these areas to be a valuable member of the team. 

LTHS Scholastic Bowl is a FUN, low-time commitment activity that will look great on a college application!  We practice after school each Monday for one hour, with FREE SNACKS and fun trivia. We also provide resources if you are interested in sharpening your brain in between official practices and competitions, which occur every other week during the season at schools in the nearby area. Our season runs from the end of September through early March.

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