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Operation Snowball  

Operation Snowball is an international youth program that empowers student leaders through prevention education, community advocacy, and leadership development to create a positive impact. 

The program fosters a youth and adult partnership using the energy and influence of youth to create an atmosphere of positive peer support, recognizing youth as a part of the solution.  

Through supporting Social Emotional Learning as youth develop attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and cognitive skills that create healthy and competent adults.

The development of youth leaders by providing diverse education on: alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention; healthy decision making; mental health awareness; community advocacy  

This is achieved through:

1) A weekend retreat in November and March devoted to teens (us) and teen (our) issues.  2) A place that provides information specifically focusing on issues related to, and provides alternatives to, alcohol and other drugs.
3) A place that provides us with the opportunity to enhance skills for effective communication, decision making and stress relief.
4) A place that provides us with the opportunity to enhance our positive self-image.
5) A place that allows us and adults to grow as people by encouraging open communication, caring and support of one another.
6) A place that was founded on the belief that with accurate information and understanding of ourselves, everyone of us has the ability to make sound decisions regarding our own lives.7) A place that enhances our support systems that already exist.
8) A place that allows us to make new friends, strengthen old friendships, and have fun!
9) Large group presentations and small group discussions include issues that youth identify as a part of their lives and may include: pressures of school, building friendships, the effects of drugs and alcohol, social media, physical and mental health, family dynamics, self-identity, and dynamics of interpersonal relationships. 

All students are welcome to apply for our Snowball weekend outings, but meetings are for the teens and theater staff members only. Typically, the fall retreat is for first time participants and the spring retreat for returning participants and first-time seniors.



For More Information

Angie Patel, Advisor 

David Stormont, Assistant
Mark Kienzynski, Assistant