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Getting Involved

Offstage Opportunities

The LTHS Theatre Board is made up of six different areas of theatre production. Each area has its own manager on a show by show basis. Below is a list of the six areas of Theatre Board; opportunities for getting involved in each will vary depending on the needs of the individual show.

Wardrobe / Make-up / Hair

Overall:  responsible for measuring and ordering costumes or otherwise finding them, also maintaining those costumes through the run of the show; responsible for every cast member’s make-up and hair, wigs / beards, etc. particularly for period style pieces

Volunteers:  Assistants for maintaining costumes and procedures are needed soon after each play is cast.  Also, changers might be needed to assist actors during the shows. Workshops will be held to teach basic sewing skills. A couple people are needed during every show to apply make-up and fix hair.  Workshops on how to do this will be offered.  Often involves doing research and test runs for a director, particularly with period shows



Overall:  responsible for finding/building every prop and then maintaining those props if needed through the run of the show; will help with finding some set dressings for the show; will maintain and build the props inventory and assist with strike after a show

Volunteers:  People are needed to help in the search for and fabrication of props for the show; this often involves research and frequent check-in’s with the directors



Overall:  responsible for all outreach including making the public (LT and otherwise) aware of Theatre Board productions, and creating all posters, programs, and tickets for the plays; box office, lobby displays, and selling Theatre-wear. Responsible for keeping Theatre Board members in contact with each other through various social media. Also coordinates all photography for TB (head shots, rehearsal shots, show shots, PR shots).

Volunteers:  People are always needed to get publicity into the community before a show goes up; volunteers are needed to help with the lobby board, volunteers are also needed for other publicity tasks. Volunteers with artistic and/or graphic design are always needed!



Overall:  responsible for assisting the box office, securing ushers for each performance, finalizing ticket counts, preparing any program changes, and works as liaison with security staff for house management and behavior issues; may assist marketing with lobby displays and selling Theatre-wear.

Volunteers:  People are needed to usher each show.


Run Crew

Overall:  responsible for movement of all set pieces and scenery, fly system, and placement and overseeing use of props by actors during the tech rehearsals through the run of the show; coordinates all stage crew jobs for each show and works with stage and asst. stage managers for each show including  coordinating any projections on the cyc or screens

Volunteers:   people help to place props pre, during, and post show; to move all set pieces/wagons; to run the fly system; to assist with mic transfers according to the mic plot; to run projection via laptops



Overall: responsible for creating, editing, programming, and running all technical aspects of sound effects, pre-show, intermission, and post show music; coordinates with Stage Manager to create mic plots and to oversee the set up and use of mics during a show

Volunteers: People assist the manager with creating the sound cues and running the sound board



Overall: responsible for assisting in design and programming of all technical aspects of lights, spot lights, and special effects with gobos, etc.

Volunteers: People assist the manager to run spot lights and light board