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Transition PERKS

In 2009, Lyons Township High School began a Transition Program to serve students 18-22 years old with various disabilities/abilities who have met the requirements for graduation, yet continue to receive training in one or more of the following areas: independent living, recreation/community access, and work experience. The Transition Program offers a continuum of services in an authentic setting with meaningful practice and application of a full spectrum of independent living and vocational skills. Students are exposed to public transportation, access a district-owned house, which now includes a garden where produce is grown and sold at the LaGrange farmer’s market and to local restaurants. 
In 2012, the Transition Program started an in-house coffee and coaster production business called Transition Perks. After great success and hard work, in 2014, the Transition Perks business connected with Tropical Sno owner, Nick Cozzi, who provided the opportunity for the Transition Perks coffee business to open a storefront within the community. The business is student-operated and maintained to develop the skills necessary to obtain future competitive employment. The proceeds will be used to fund scholarships, vocational training programs, and additional future student-operated micro-businesses. As a separate fundraising initiative, individual students will be selling private label Transition Perks coffee cans, roasted by Stewart’s Coffee, to assist with their future independent living endeavors.

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