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Ultimate Websites

USA Ultimate

The national body for Ultimate Frisbee players. They establish the rules of the game, organize and sanction tournaments, and foster growth of the sport nationally. If you play in a city league you are probably already a member. If you plan to play in college or beyond, you will become a member.

Chicago Ultimate

The Ultimate Frisbee body for the Chicagoland area. They organize three leagues (Spring, Summer, and Fall leagues). If you sign up to get email from the website, you will also get a great deal of information on pickup games (mostly downtown, but some in the suburbs) all year long. Last year’s main summer league had 34 teams. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

Chicago Ultimate Juniors Organization (CUJO)

A league dedicated to Chicago area high school students. Games start in mid March and go through May on Sundays. If we get enough interest let’s go play!

CUT (Competitive Ultimate Training) camps

Provides training for all Ultimate players of all ages and abilities.