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Track - Boys

  • Head Coach- Mr. Danner (Distance)
  • Asst Coach/Head Soph- Mr. Taylor (400m and Hurdles)
  • Asst Coach- Mr. Harris (Sprints and Jumps)
  • Asst Coach- Mr. Rigo (Throws)
  • Asst Coach- Mr. Grider (Sprints and jumps)
  • Asst Coach- Mr. Pontrelli (PV) 


Track & Field Information:

  • Must have a physical within last year  
  • Practice is from 3:30-5:30PM. Practice will be held every day we have school at South Campus. Saturday practices will be held on Saturday mornings if we don’t have a Friday/Saturday meet. 
  • The activity buses will take you from North to South. 
  • Be on time (before 3:10PM) so you don’t miss the bus.  
  • Practice and meets are mandatory. 
  • You will be removed from the team/suspended with unexcused absences. 
  • It is the athletes responsibility to discuss any absences with his event coach.  
  • Spring break will have optional morning practices. 
  • Directions to meets are also available on the website 
  • Equipment: Shorts, Shirt, Sweats, Running Shoes, Spikes or Throwing Shoes. 
  • Practice sweats can be purchased. 
  • Meet sweats and uniform will be provided. 

Code of Conduct-  

  • We will treat opponents/officials/teammates/coaches with respect at all times.  
  • We will acquire a desire to win, but not at all costs.  
  • We will enjoy the opportunity to participate in sport no matter the outcome.  
  • We will become students of the sport looking for opportunities to improve ourself.  
  • We will support teammates during the good times and the bad times.  
  • We will maintain self control with our personal behavior on and off the field.  
  • We will focus on long term development, not looking for short cuts to achieve success(cheating, drugs, etc.).  
  • We will have a purpose with our daily training and maintain focus on individual and team goals.  
  • We will give our best effort in meets to help improve team outcomes.  
  • We will maintain our focus on our academic development.  
  • We will complete the assigned training from the coach without deviation.  
  • We will learn to model appropriate practice habits to newcomers to the sport.  
  • We will attend all practices and meets. 
  • Failure to meet the code of conduct may result in any of the following: removal from practice or meets, suspension from the team or removal from the team.


Click here for Meet Schedule.


Click here to view IHSA website.

For More Information

Mike Danner, Varsity Head Coach
  Luke Taylor, Frosh/Soph Coach