LTCAC Faculty/Staff & Community Member Application 2021-22


  The LT Community Advisory Council (LTCAC) brings together students, staff, parents, and other community members for the purpose of providing input to the Board of Education. By studying and discussing timely educational issues and communicating ideas and findings to the Board, the LTCAC supports and strengthens the partnership of school, family, and community.

As a body of 60-70 members, the LTCAC strives to represent the diverse viewpoints of our high school district, including those from different geographic areas, socioeconomic levels, age groups, and racial/cultural backgrounds. The LTCAC meets five times a year, usually on the third Wednesday evening of the month, 7-9:30 P.M. Members serve two-year terms.

Please consider becoming a member of the LTCAC. Complete the application by August 2, 2021. The LTCAC will announce new members in September.

On average, we replace 20 retiring members per year. Your application will be reviewed by the membership committee during the summer. Besides selecting members on their own qualifications, the committee is determined to make sure that each associate district is fairly represented, if possible.

Thank you for considering this volunteer opportunity!
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