• Menagerie, Lyons Township’s literary and arts magazine, has been in existence for over four decades. Its title was chosen to highlight the uniqueness and individuality of every student of Lyons Township High School. The magazine is a student-run publication in which students are given the opportunity to showcase their poetry, prose and artwork. Students on the Literary Staff meet every day after school for four weeks reading and discussing the submitted poetry and prose. The submissions are chosen anonymously after being evaluated based on quality and originality of the writing. Editors then work together to make the final decisions about which prose and poetry will be included in the magazine. After the submissions are discussed and chosen to be in the magazine, Art Staff begins. Members of Art Staff are assigned a piece of writing and are required to find artwork to accompany the poetry and prose. Then, using Adobe InDesign, they create Menagerie's layouts. Once the layouts are completed, they are reviewed by the editors.  Menagerie is distributed to the students at the end of May. 

Submission Information