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  • Investment Club is back for the 20-21 school year!!

    This year we will run two competitions.

    1. The Stock Market Game – students manage a virtual portfolio of $100,000 as they learn about analyzing and choosing stocks. We will have an interclub competition each semester for our portfolios.
    2. The Wharton Global High School Investment Competition – teams examine a brief client profile and work collaboratively to meet that client’s short- and long-term investment goals as they try to win his business. Equipped with an approved stock list (a selection of domestic and international equities) and the Wharton Investment Simulator (WInS), which allows them to buy and sell stocks, over the course of 10 weeks students develop an investment strategy, analyze industries and companies, and build a portfolio using $100,000 in virtual cash. A mid-term report is due mid-October and a final investment strategy report is due at the beginning of December. Teams will present their mid-term and final reports to members of the investment industry.
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  • Investment Club teaches LT students about the stock market and how to invest intelligently in the real world. It combines the life skill of investing with competition. The club highlights recent trends in the market and teaches the basic fundamentals of stocks, but best of all, Investment Club features two competitive games. Each Investment Club member will get the opportunity to invest in their own individual portfolio using $100,000 of fake money, and will compete against the rest of the club members to win a grand prize at the end of the year. Along with the individual game, members will also collaborate and make a team portfolio for the entire club where they will face off against other schools for two separate semester-long competitions. 

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