Grading Practices at LTHS

  • Our vision for grading states:

    The grading system at Lyons Township High School is consistent throughout the school, equitable and fair to all students, and reflective of student performance.

    Changes to grading practices ensure that a grade communicates a student’s level of achievement toward identified learning objectives at a point in time. This means:

    • A grade must reflect growth and learning
    • A grade must value knowledge and understanding

    Lyons Township High School’s equity statement is clearly focused on student achievement:

    Decisions will be made to advance success, promote growth, and support social emotional health of all LT students. Improving academic achievement and promoting student engagement in all LT has to offer remain top District priorities.

    A presentation to the Curriculum Committee of the Board of Education provided the research, surveys, grade analysis and supports that went into the development of a change in grading practices. The slides for that presentation can be found here: Grading to Communicate Learning: Update for the LTHS Curriculum Committee November 10, 2020

    For an overview of the changes made to grading at LTHS this year, please watch the video:

    Additional information can be found in the Academic Program Guide, page 14: Academic Grading System