LT Vision for Grading

  • The grading system at Lyons Township High School is consistent throughout the school, equitable and fair to all students, and reflective of student performance.

    Consistent grading practices ensure that a grade communicates a student’s level of achievement toward identified learning objectives at a point in time. This means:

    • A grade must reflect growth and learning
    • A grade must value knowledge and understanding.
    • A grade must provide a road map for success.
    • A grade must not include behavior or soft skills.
    • A grade must not measure effort, punctuality or attendance.
    • A grade must not reward or punish a student for participation.
    • A grade must not measure personal organization or executive functioning.
    • A grade must not “give” points for extra credit or compliance.

    Common Grading Practices at LTHS:

    • A common syllabus is used by all teachers of the same course.
    • A common gradebook is used by all teachers of the same course.
    • Practice is not included in semester grades.
      • Practice should be completed as it directly impacts student performance on summative assessments.
      • A teacher cannot give a student meaningful feedback without seeing a student’s practice.
    • “M” grades are used to indicate late and missing work in the Infinite Campus gradebook.
    • Attendance is excluded from the academic grade.
    • Students receive individual grades for work completed in groups. Group grades are not applied.
    • Extra credit is not given.
    • In all courses, assessments of the learning objectives counted as part of the achievement grade can be retaken or revised at least once without penalty or restrictions on the grade.

    A presentation to the Curriculum Committee of the Board of Education provided the research, surveys, grade analysis and supports that went into the development of a change in grading practices. The slides for that presentation can be found here: Grading to Communicate Learning: Update for the LTHS Curriculum Committee November 10, 2020

    For a more detailed explanation of the grading practices, please watch the video:

    Additional information can be found in the Academic Program Guide, page 14: Academic Grading System