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    Lyons Township High School District 204 is committed to creating a safe and affirming environment where every member of our community can learn, grow, and belong. We recognize that in order to achieve these beliefs, we must actively work to foster a supportive environment that allows all to feel respected and visible, and embraces the rich and diverse identities that each individual holds.  

    Lyons Township High School remains committed to building a community based on a foundation of equity and inclusion where all students are treated with respect and dignity and know they belong. As an institution that fosters the physical, social, and emotional well-being of its students, we pledge to continue to promote practices, systems, and processes that advance equity, access, and inclusivity.

    We understand the impact all of our decisions have on our students, their families, and our community. Decisions will be made to advance success, promote growth, and support the social and emotional health of all LT students.

    Improving academic achievement and promoting student engagement in all LT has to offer remain top District priorities. We will continue to partner with associate school districts, colleges, community agencies, and others to continually enhance student opportunities, improve student preparedness, and provide positive learning environments for all students at Lyons Township High School.

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  • Second Quarter Equity Amplifiers: Ben LaFontaine and Krystle Conrad

    The Equity Ambassador Team is excited to amplify the talents of two amazing educators who always use their big smiles, open hearts and joyous humor to build relationships with students and staff!  Thank you for all you do to make LT a place where all belong!

    Ben Lafontaine: Ben has led the Global Studies department for many months in the creation of posters to honor different heritage months. He has taken the time to set up the templates, email teachers (multiple times) to get support, reminded teachers, printed, and delivered the posters to teachers rooms all so students can hopefully see someone like them during the time their culture is being celebrated. Ben may say that this is a small action, but the ripple impact has been huge. Many students have taken the time to stop and read the posters outside my room and some have even commented on how cool they are. These posters have brought fun, wonder, learning, and excitement to our hallways all while celebrating different groups around the school. 

    Words to describe Ben: Hilarious, thoughtful and welcoming

    Krystle Conrad: In her classes every day, Krystle educates her students about the deaf community in a way that they have never experienced before.  Krystle has an incredible way of connecting with each student, bringing their lives into the classroom, and spreading awareness of the lives of the deaf community.  She embodies what it means to be an engaging, equitable, inclusive educator whose students can relate and be themselves.  Surface, deep and transfer learning are all already happening in her classes!

    Words to describe Krystle: funny, collaborative and engaging



    Our thoughts are with anyone who is impacted by the tragic events unfolding in Israel and Gaza. When news of a national or international crisis is shared with the world, our focus is to ensure the well-being of our community.  We must work to foster a safe, empathetic environment for all and ensure the learning environment remains a place where students can continue to thrive.

    If a student is struggling emotionally and needs to seek some support, please direct them to their counselor for further assistance. If the Crisis Response Team has determined that a broader response is required, we will be sure to communicate those details. 

    We understand the emotional needs that are heightened right now for our students, and we know the importance of our entire LT community to provide assurance, support, and encouragement. 

    Learning for Justice has put together a RESOURCE TOOLKIT to help discuss war and conflict. 

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