LTHS Activities

  • LTHS offers over 130 activities and athletics including academic clubs, communication arts, performing arts, intramurals, leadership, and service organizations. Thirty-two interscholastic sports with different levels, to maximize opportunities for student participation, are offered, as well as 17 intramural activities, and three performance teams. A community cable television station and a radio station offer unique opportunities for students, as do LT's student newspaper, yearbook, and literary/art magazine. The Corral, located next to South Campus, sponsors activities and events throughout the year for all students.

    Clubs and organizations at Lyons Township High School serve to provide students the opportunity to become authentically engaged in the campus community, gain a deeper sense of belonging, and enhance their learning in a co-curricular setting.  Leaders and members of clubs have the opportunity to create inclusive communities for the student body which support Lyons Township High School’s mission.  By participating in co-curricular clubs and organizations, students are able to develop leadership skills, meet peers with similar interests, and contribute positively to their Lyons Township High School experience.

    To be eligible for consideration as a club sponsored by Lyons Township High School, a club must meet the following criteria:
    • Evidence of sufficient student interest;
    • Congruence with Board Policy 1:30 and the District's purpose for its co-curricular program;
    • Availability of an appropriate adult sponsor;
    • Inclusiveness (i.e., the degree to which the club is designed to appeal to and include students regardless of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual identity or orientation, disability, etc.);
    • Politically non-partisan in nature and welcoming of all viewpoints;
    • Individual student clubs or organizations may not be 501(c)3 charitable organizations, but may be a chapter of a larger organization that is designated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization (i.e. fundraising by any 501(c)3 affiliated District organization is for local purposes only and does not benefit the larger 501(c)3 organization);
    • All club or organization activities, fundraising efforts and charitable contributions are subject to District review and approval;
    • Consideration of financial and transportation requirements, as well as safety/liability concerns; and
    • No significant duplication of purpose, goals or activities of an existing student club or organization.

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