Tabulae Yearbook

  • TABULAE (TAB) is Lyons Township High School’s nationally award winning yearbook, now in our 116th annual edition.  Our singular purpose is to continue to provide an appropriate environment for the creation of a vibrant, living, student-centered and student-created history of LT, year by year, moment by moment, and student by student.  We are LT, and are those who help to tell its continuing story. Yearbook staffers (Tabbies) serve a primary role as either copywriters, photographers, or graphic designers, and under the leadership of the editorial board, headed by two senior editors-in-chief, helm the yearbook completely, including providing some input into budgetary matters and taking complete responsibility for yearbook coverage, theme, style, and content each year.



    To purchase, log into Infinite Campus:

    1.     click on "School Store" from the left index menu
    2.     click on "shop" and click on "products"
    3.     click on "23_24 Yearbook"
    4.     click on the recipient drop down and click add to cart
    5.     Enter payment information

    If the option doesn't appear in the school store, it is likely that you've already purchased a book this year.

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For More Information

  • Joseph Maffey, Adviser
    If you are interested in purchasing a legacy yearbook (past issues), please contact the Alumni Association at 708-579-6483 for info on availability.
    If you are interested in ordering this year’s yearbook or have a question about yearbook fees or purchases, please contact the appropriate bookstore manager at North Campus at 708-579-6380, or South Campus at 708-579-6548.