Lunch Study Hall

  • Using library during your Lunch Study Hall:

    • Sign up First:
      • Report to the library only if you have signed up in advance
      • If the sign-up system says the library is closed, report to your study hall room.
    • Computer Use Only
      • During lunch study hall, space is available strictly for students needing to use computers.
      • If you do not need to use a computer for Lunch Study Hall, please do not sign up.
    • QuIP Expectations
      • Students spending LSH in the library are expected to maintain the purpose of LSH.
        • Quiet
        • Independent
        • Purposeful

    All students are responsible for cleaning up the tables and surrounding area where they are seated before the bell rings at the end of the period.

    All students must remain in the library until the bell rings at the end of the period.