District Administration

  • Superintendent: Brian Waterman, Ed.D.

    Director of Business Services: Brian Stachacz

    Director of Curriculum & Instruction: Scott Eggerding

    Director of Equity & Belonging: TBA

    Director of Human Resources: Ed Piotrowski

    Director of Student Services: TBA

    Director of Techonogy: Ed Tennant

    Coordinator of Assessment and Research: Katherine Smith

    Coordinator of Community Relations: Jennifer Bialobok

Building Administration

  • Principal: Jennifer Tyrrell, Ed.D.
    North Campus Associate Principal: Kevin Brown
    South Campus Associate Principal: Greg Gardner
    Class of 2022 Assistant Principal: Bryan Radavich
    Class of 2023 Assistant Principal: Darrell Mathis, Jr
    Class of 2024 Assistant Principal: Kelly Dostal
    Class of 2025 Assistant Principal: Adam Davis

Division Chairs

  • Fine Arts: Paula Nardi
    Art, Music, World Languages
    Global Studies: Paul Houston
    Applied Technology, Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Social Studies
    Language Arts: Karen Raino
    ELL, Language Arts
    Mathematics/Science: Collin Voigt
    Physical Welfare: Kurt Johns
    Driver Education, Health, Physical Education
    Special Education: Melissa Moore, Ed.D.
    Student Services: Leslie Owens
    Counseling Services, Social Work Services, College/Career Center, Health Services, Student Support Teams and Support Counselors