Social Work Services

North Campus

South Campus

Direct Services

    • evaluate student need for social work service and make recommendations as appropriate; 
    • provide both short-term and long-term individual casework to both regular and special education students;
    • provide group work services to both regular and special education students; and
    • provide crisis intervention to students, parents, and staff.

Cooperative Services

    • participate in conferences with teaching staff, parents, and other school specialists including counselors, school psychologists, school nurses, and school administrators;
    • coordinate and participate in multi-disciplinary staffing;
    • participate in the evaluation of students for special education placement, make recommendations as appropriate, and conduct social developmental studies;
    • provide supportive services to parents/guardians and families;
    • supervise social work interns;
    • consult with classroom teachers, counseling staff, paraprofessionals, and school administrators regarding student needs; and
    • collaborate with school personnel in utilizing and providing in-school support programs for individual students.

School-Community Relations Services

    • serve as a liaison between school personnel, families, and community agencies;
    • aid in the identification of students needing community-based, preventive social services;
    • consult with community representatives in the identification, development, and delivery of appropriate support services;
    • collaborate with community agencies in planning and delivery of crisis intervention services; and
    • collaborate with community agencies in planning and delivering intermediate and long-term support services.