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  • Hey LT Alumni…It’s All About the Dash!

    We are all curious to know more about our fellow classmates and LT alumni. Am I wrong? We all went to the same high school (a very good high school I might say!) and then set off on thousands of different paths to wherever or whatever. Our commonality is certainly not that of a brother or sister but we ARE related by our high school experience. This enhances our interest in the lives of each other as LT alumni. So what are we curious about and how do we satisfy this curiosity?

    As a Palatine, IL Park District Commissioner, I was fortunate to attend our annual Volunteer of the Year banquet last week. Our keynote speaker of course thanked the hundreds of volunteers but related a story that gave me insight into the above questions. Her mother had passed away a few years ago after many years as a very popular teacher in a small Mississippi town. The speaker did not realize how loved her mother was in this town until a large group of the mothers’ former students arrived at the memorial service with a huge poster board presentation entitled “It’s All About the Dash!” They were not paying tribute to her mothers’ birth year or the year she died. Her students were paying tribute to the dash (-) that appears between those years. They filled in the dash with her life accomplishments on their poster board. The speaker learned wonderful things about her mother through the students’ efforts.

    Her story provides a good clue for our interest in each other’s lives before and after graduation. We are interested in how are our fellow LT grads are filling in their dashes! We are one big LT family and family members like to keep in touch with each other.

    When our high school Hall of Fame committee deliberates over the merits of the nominees and eventual inductees, we consider the professional, the personal, and the altruistic sides of that persons’ “dash”. When we attend our Homecoming Reunions, we catch up on a more personal level to see and hear from our old friends….how’s that dash going? Facebook and other social media have absolutely ballooned as most of our classes have their own Facebook groups and/or websites. These allow you to check out a classmate’s dash quickly and easily.

    I relate this story to all of you as a reminder that others do care about you and what you do to fill in your dash every day. I also give you the common valedictorian challenge to do your best to live your life to its’ fullest and make your alma mater proud. In other words, “may your dash be full of Bolded and Underlined achievements!”

    That being said, I urge you all to keep the Alumni Association members and especially your fellow graduates in touch and up to date with you and your “dash”. We are interested. You can keep in touch with us in many ways. Here are a few:

    • Check out our brand new Facebook page entitled Lyons Township High School Alumni Association. This page was just created in March, 2016 but already contains some interesting photographs and news items. Feel free to add content and photos of your days at LT.
    • On our website, you will find tabs for Class Connections, Find a Classmate, Hall of Fame, Membership, Reunions, Submit an Alumni Note, Request for Transcripts, and Alumni Scholarship. The Homecoming tab is especially interesting as it contains connections to the classes hosting their next reunions along with their websites and other information. 
    • When you are on Facebook, search for Lyons Township or LTHS and see if your class has a group …join it. There is even a general Lyons Township Alumn site that is not sponsored by the Alumni Association that has over 5800 members.
    • Go to your reunions! The parties are great and everyone at your reunion is your age so you have much in common. Homecoming 2016 is on Saturday, October 1st and our website already has information on reunions for the classes of 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006. The classes of 1962, 1963 and 1967 also have info there for reunions in 2017. 

    As a final note, congratulations to Coach Scott Walker who was named the ISA Swimming Coach of the Year as he led the 2016 boys' swim and dive team to their first state championship in Lions' history! Congrats also to Nick Zeisloft (2010) and Harrison Niego (2015) who both were key players on the Indiana Big Ten champion basketball team.

    Feel free to get in touch with me at my e-mail jayfcozza@aol.com with any matters concerning our alumni association. All comments and ideas are welcome.

    Jay Cozza, President
    Lyons Township Alumni Association

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