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  • Dear Lions and Lionesses,

    When I prepare to write my quarterly newsletter, I sometimes just pull up a previous letter as a template to save time writing my introduction and closing. I just did so by using my March 2020 letter as a template, so I naturally noticed the content of that message. As it turns out, that letter dealt with the trauma COVID-19 was having on our high school, our current LT students, and all of you. Ironically enough, that life-changing crisis is lessening now after two years, just as a new crisis escalates with the very disturbing Russian invasion of Ukraine. Moreover, we are living in a heightened political environment that is pitting the right vs the left in many different ways. The internet and streaming video have multiplied the impact of current events as never before.

    The events of the past two years have challenged our LT community. Just imagine the profound and unknown effect that the past two years have had on the graduating Class of ’22 seniors!

    The Alumni Association has done its best to support the LT community and our membership through these challenges. Homecoming 2021 was held after the cancellation in 2020, our annual scholarships continued, our newsletters went out on schedule, and we even helped fund the new electronic marquee at South Campus. Three new members were added to our Hall of Fame in 2021. Homecoming will be held September 23-24, 2022, with our school tours, Corral reception and parade.

    I would like to ask all of you to help us with our current project that will benefit LT for years to come and show our support for our high school:

    In our continuing efforts to support LT and in celebration of the Alumni Association’s upcoming 20th anniversary, the Alumni Association has committed to help fund a much-needed replacement of the obsolete scoreboard at Bennett Field. Like everything else in today’s world, the price of the new scoreboard seems high at $250,000, but it is also a LED video board capable of making the stadium a multi-media venue. We are not alone in this effort as the LT Boosters Club, students and district are also participating.

    Not since the fundraiser to renovate and re-open the Corral as a multi-use venue has a project joined all of the LT community together. I will be contributing, and I hope you can too. I see this as a “Multi-Class Gift” in honor of our 20th anniversary. You can find more details as to how to contribute in a separate article in this newsletter.

    Again, I know the last two years have been challenging in so many ways. I just read in the Lisa Wingate novel, Sea Keeper’s Daughters, an interesting passage that applies nicely today; “Life is a process of storms and rebuilding, of fires and regrowth, of loss and gain.” Now it is time to rebuild, grow and gain from our experience.

    I thank you all for your support and membership in the LT Alumni Association!

    Jay Cozza, President
    Lyons Township Alumni Association

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