Book / ID Pick-up FAQ's

  • When are Book/ID Pick-Up Days?

    Thursday, August 8 - 8:00am-4:00pm for Pre-paid students only

    Friday, August 9 - 8:00am-4:00pm

    Monday, August 12 - Noon-7:00pm

    Can I come on any of the three Book/ID Pick-Up days?

    If your fees are pre-paid, students can come any day. August 8 is reserved for students whose fees were pre-paid online as well as students who were notified that they qualified for a fee waiver. Students who are not prepaid are welcome to come on Friday, August 9, or Monday, August 12.

    What if a parent can’t come to Book/ID Pick-Up Days?

    No problem, as long as online registration has been completed and the fees paid on-line. Students are welcome to pay by cash, check or charge on Friday, August 9 and Monday, August 12. 

    What if a student can’t come to Book/ID Pick-Up Days?

    No problem, parents are welcome to pick up books. Students will need to go to the Assistant Principal’s Office on the first day to have a picture taken and an ID printed. Yearbook pictures will be taken on picture makeup day, Thursday, September 26.

    What happens at Book/ID Pick-Up Days?

    Students will receive their schedules, have their picture taken for the yearbook, and pick up their individual book box. Students can take their books directly to their lockers and walk their schedules. There will be Student Assistants available to help find classrooms.

    Can I pick up books if the online registration is not complete?

    No. You will be directed to a computer lab where staff can help you complete online registration. 

    Can I pick up books if I have not proven residency?

    The majority of families received letters indicating that they did not need to bring residency documents to the school because their residency was able to be verified electronically. If you did not receive notice of electronic verification, you will need to complete your proof of residency with the main office prior to Book Pick Up.

    Will students have pictures taken for ID’s and yearbooks?

    Yes.  VIP Studios will be taking pictures for the yearbook and printing student ID’s. For seniors, the photo taken at Book/ID Pick-Up day will be for IDs only. Senior portraits will be used in the yearbook.

    Which campus do I go to?

    Go to the campus where you attend the majority of your classes. For most students, that means 9th and 10th graders will go to South Campus and 11th and 12th graders to North Campus.

    If you are enrolled in the Transition Program, any LIFE class, or any outplacement program, please report to South Campus to have your ID made and pay fees.

    What if neither the parent nor student can’t come on one of the Book Pick Up Days?

                   The bookstores will be open on Friday, August 16 from 1:00-3:00 for book pick up  and ID pictures will be available in the Assistant Principals Office (SC-A106 or NC-101). Yearbook pictures will be taken on picture makeup day, Thursday, September 26.

    Why are we having Book Pick-Up at both campuses?

    In an effort to streamline book distribution, textbooks will be included in the book boxes designated for each student based on his/her schedule of classes. Students will have the opportunity to put their books in their lockers at their home campus with no need to transport them. Additionally, with on-line prepayment, students can come on their own to pick up their books and walk their schedules.