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Chicagoland High School Video Festival

1 First Place Award in Sports
1 First Place Award in Movie Trailer
1 Second Place Award in How-To
1 Third Place Award in Documentary

In the category of Live Event Coverage: Sports (10 total entries in the category)
Junior Rebecca Kuntz won 1st Place for "Blackout"

In the category of Movie Trailer (23 total entries in the category)
Junior Andy Jarosz won 1st Place for "Sandstone Trailer"

In the category of How-To/Training 
(14 total entries in the category)
Junior Rebecca Kuntz won 2nd Place for "Quick Bites: $5 Meal"

In the category of Documentary (24 total entries in the category)
Junior Candace Chamberlain won 3rd Place for "Jonathon Hammond-Flipped"

Here is the list of additional student awards:

Senior Shelley Esparza won a Gold Award for "The Inside Corner"

Senior Jim Kowalkowski won a Merit Award for "Be a Survivor"

Junior Andy Jarosz won a Gold Award for "TX9 Sicarius", a Silver Award for "Old Timey" and a Bronze Award for "Never Gonna Give You Up"

Junior Rebecca Kuntz won a Gold Award for "Brownstock XI-Behind the Scenes", "Zombie Juice", "Brownstock XI", "Green Gorilla", "Transition to College", and a Silver Award for "Sextet”

Rebecca also received an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Chicago/Midwest Student Television Awards for Excellence in the Sports Category for "Directing Live Sports".

Junior Breana Williams won a Gold Award for "Black at LT"

Sophomore Johnny Lombardi won a Silver Award for "Football: Lyons Township vs. Hinsdale Central"

Freshman Abraham Akande won 3 Bronze Awards for "Bullying", "Love for Olivia", and "Backpack Policy"

Freshman Camille Suknovich won a Gold Award for "Pack the Place Boys' Basketball", a Silver Award for "Poms" and a Bronze Award for "How to Set Up a Studio Rock Concert"

Amy Sheneman and Morgan Gardner won a Silver Award for "Sea Monkeys of the Caribbean"

Kyra Souerbry and Jen Nacht won a Bronze Award for "Kill Bug Vol. 1"

Andrew Karasek and Cole Robinson won a Merit Award for "Amazing Dancing Animals Show"