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Music and Performing Arts

This department covers all of the sports at LTHS, and other community or recreational sporting events covered by LTTV. The Directors and producers in this department provide support and information for all of the shoots in this category. This may include gathering rosters, providing information about a team’s season and its players, statistics, and other relevant information. The department head in this position would likely spend 6-8 hours per week fulfilling their duties.

  • Work with Mr. Allan to schedule sports for each season
  • Recruit and train announcers for sports
  • Create announcer schedule for sports coverage
  • Gather statistics, rosters, conference standings, etc. for announcers
  • Produce Hype Videos, Sports Shorts, Athlete of the Week, and other sports highlights videos for channel and web content
  • Shoot interviews with coaches and players and prepare for roll-ins during sports coverage
  • Ensure that all sports productions have sufficient crew.
  • Work as a crewmember on at least 75% of truck productions each month
  • Work with Public Relations to promote sports programs online and in print
  • Work with Creative Services to create promo commercials for sports