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This department covers anything related to news, newsworthy events, special features, media events, and community programs. The Directors and producers in this department would actively seek out news at LT and in the community, assemble crews and reporters, and produce segments to be aired on the channel. This department would also be assigned to cover events in the community by Mr. Allan, and produce special feature segments to promote upcoming events as requested. The department head in this position would likely spend 2-3 hours per week fulfilling their duties.

  • Work with Mr. Allan to determine news packages needed for each month
  • Recruit, train, and schedule reporters and producers for news packages
  • Produce 4 news packages per month
  • Ensure that all news productions have sufficient crew.
  • Work as a producer/reporter/editor on at least 75% of news productions each month
  • Work with Public Relations to promote news programs online and in print
  • Work with Creative Services to create promo commercials for news shows