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Truck Operations (Junior or Senior only)

This department covers all shoots that take place with the truck, including live event coverage of sports, performing arts, music, and community events. The Director for this department is responsible for confirming scheduling of truck shoots, making sure the truck is fully prepared for shoots, coordinating with staff members that are involved in productions, and coordinating student crew for the productions. The Director in this position would likely spend 6-8 hours per week fulfilling his or her duties.

  • Review upcoming truck production schedule with Mr. Allan
  • Update truck sign up sheets for changes or cancellations
  • Send out reminders to students who have signed up for shoots
  • Find additional students to sign up for shoots if there are less than 4 people signed up (so that the shoot doesn’t get cancelled)
  • Maintain truck organization, inventory, and cleanliness
  • Maintain garage organization and cleanliness
  • Work as a crew member on at least 50% of truck productions each month