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Public Relations

This department covers all internal and external communications pertinent to the TV Club and the student-managed departments within LTTV. This includes the regular announcements heard at both North Campus and South Campus, the publication and distribution of flyers, posters, and other promotional materials, and the regular email and phone contact with crew for reminders about shoots.

This department also creates and manages content and promotional material for the LTTV website and other social media.


Finally, this department is responsible for organizing community outreach efforts to promote awareness of LTTV. This includes Fall and Spring open houses, Future Freshman Night, Co-Curricular Night, studio tours, truck tours at local middle and elementary schools, our M.A.N.E. film festival, and any other relevant events that we would like to highlight.


The Directors in this position would likely spend 2-4 hours per week fulfilling their duties.


  • Create the fliers for the LTTV Club meetings each month. After fliers are stamped for approval, post fliers at both campuses (35 per campus)
  • Work with Mr. Allan to write and submit the P.A. announcements for special club meetings and events
  • Produce 2-4 short videos per month highlighting LTTV behind the scenes
  • Design and print up fliers for students and parents for open houses, parent-teacher conferences, Co-Curricular Night, Future Freshman Night, etc.)
  • Create content for LTTV social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and submit to Mr. Allan to post.
  • Create an 8th grade Open House event for LTTV (featuring studio tours and truck tours in the Fall and again in the Spring). Coordinate with WLTL.
  • Work with the LTHS Communications Coordinator on press releases related to LTTV