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CSMUN Oct 2017

Delegation Award: Outstanding  
Name Position Award
Jack Dudley 3rd Viscount/GB Best
Lauren Crawford Turkey/OIC Best
Neil Doherty Afghanistan/SPECPOL Best
Tommy Pigatto Sec. of State/China Best
Xander Allison Russia/SC Best
Matt O'Malley Russia/SC Best
Patrick Larmon Russia/UNHCR Best
Topher Fryzel Russia/DISEC Best
Isaac Wisthuff UAE/UNW Outstanding
Gina Cuba Russia/UNICEF Outstanding
Satchel Fryzel Russia/UNEP Outstanding
Sam Rahman Adhoc/Adhoc Outstanding
Miles Hession State/Elizabeth Outstanding
Topher Fryzel Interior/Saudi Arabia Outstanding
Carl Volz Russia/Marvel Outstanding
Jack Fornaro Turkey/SPECPOL Honorable 
Wilson Ciecko Portugal/EU Honorable 
Nina Shearrill Botswana/AU Honorable 
Kylie Jabinak Russia/WHO Honorable 
Bobby Montesano Ghana/Marvel Honorable 
Total Delegates: 50