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My hours aren't verified. What can I do?

If your hours have not been verified, that means that the Activity Contact has not verified your hours using the link that was included in the email that was sent to them or through their non-profit x2VOL account. 
We highly recommend telling your Activity Contact that they will be receiving an email from x2VOL ( with subject of "Service Hour Verification" so they can be on the lookout for it. This will help in getting your hours verified. This email is sent to the Activity Contact immediately after you click Submit for the Activity entry. You can also ask the Activity Contact to check their Spam folder to ensure they are not missing our emails.
If a few days have passed, and your hours have not been verified, you can do one of the following:

1. You can log in and RESEND your verification request for any non-verified activities ONE TIME. Go to your Activity Log, click the EDIT button next to your activity log entry and scroll down to the contact person sections to click the green, Resend Verification button.

2. Contact the Activity Contact and tell them to send an email to stating that they would like to verify your hours. Make sure they include your name, a description of the service you performed, the date, and the number of hours. This email must be sent from the Activity Contact email address that is listed in your entry. 

NOTE: If the activity contact email address is wrong, please email for us to update the email address and resend the request.