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Feed My Starving Children (Aurora/Schaumburg)

For those under 18, you must have an adult join you (5 high schoolers to every 1 adult). 

To get credit for service hours, when you enter your service in x2VOL, upload the following documentation:

  • Screenshot of your registration
  • Photo when you arrive / before training at the facility
  • Photo when complete at the facility. Rather than a photo of yourself, you can take a photo of “How Many Meals Were Packed”

If you post to social media while at FMSC, you can upload screenshots of those instead of photos. 

As long as all the above are uploaded, you can list Mrs. Andersen ( as sponsor and she will verify service.


From FMSC - new regulations due to COVID

These changes override any conflicting information found on this FAQ page. Please review these safety measures carefully:

  • If you are experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 please stay home.
  • All volunteers will be required to wear masks for the duration of their session (masks can be cloth, surgical, N95, etc.) We encourage volunteers to bring their own masks.
  • All volunteers will have their temperature checked and go through a verbal symptom screening upon arrival. Temperatures must be under 100.4°F in order to pack.
  • Volunteer group size is limited to five people. Please note that you will not be socially distanced from anyone you choose to sign up with. You will be socially distanced from any other groups in the packing room. If you sign up as an individual, you will likely be paired with another volunteer but will still be six feet from each other (at opposite ends of our packing stations).
  • If your group is larger than five, simply register for multiple groups of five. Your groups of five will still need to maintain social distance from your other groups of five, however we will do our best to keep your packing stations as close to each other as possible.
  • If you or anyone in your group develops symptoms while packing, you and your entire group will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The packing setup has been changed to accommodate groups ranging in size from one to five.
  • The minimum volunteer age has been temporarily increased to eight.
  • If you are in a high risk category, please stay home.
  • A reservation is required to pack. No walk-ins can be accepted.
  • Service hour verification is temporarily suspended. Contact Mrs. Andersen on what is required for proof of service.