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an internet-based tool to assist LTHS students with college planning. Once logged on, users will find numerous functions to help them with the college search and selection process. To name a few, students may: conduct a college search, sign up for to hear a college representative visiting LTHS, look up specific college information, compare up to 10 institutions with one another, view admissions decisions in the form of scattergrams and look at LTHS acceptance history. Itemized below are some features available to you: 
My Game Plan helps you focus your college search by asking you a series of questions that you may not have yet considered about college. Knowing more about yourself will help you find schools that FIT you. This insight can further assist your counselor in helping you develop a game plan to achieve your goals.
College Search enables you to create a target list of schools in terms of size, location, major, etc. from a pool of over 3600 schools. 
My Colleges provides you (and your counselor) with an electronic list of colleges that you are interested in. This component of the program compares your academic data to LTHS graduates who were accepted to the schools on your list.
Scattergrams will help you learn from the past. Admission decisions (accept/deny/defer) from college-bound LTHS graduates have been loaded into Naviance. These decisions have been plotted on graphs (2 axes--GPA and ACT), thus enabling you to assess your admissions chances at hundreds of collegiate destinations.
My Resume is a place to keep a tally of your activities. This is started in your Group Guidance with Counselors Freshman year. This feature will help you to complete the activities portion of some college applications in addition to serving to keep your counselor apprised of your accomplishments. 
Scholarship List:   Identifies current scholarship offerings, the criteria for the scholarship and the processing requirements. 
College Representative Visits:  Students may sign up to attend information sessions given by visiting college representatives.  
Summer Enrichment and Volunteer Opportunities is an area to get information on summer internship opportunities, workshops, and summer college programs.
Student Sign In: Sign in with your LTHS email address. If you are logged in to your d204 Google account, you will see Naviance in your App launcher: 
Naviance app launcher
Parent Sign In: Sign in as a guest or use student user name and password.