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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the LT Orchestra Program:

Is orchestra a class at L.T.? Do I get class credit and a grade?

Yes, Orchestra is a class. Students receive class credit and a grade for their work and participation.

When does the Concert Orchestra rehearse? Do I have to come before school?

Since orchestra is a class, all Concert Orchestra rehearsals take place during the regular school day. No before-school rehearsals.


Are students pulled out of other classes for orchestra lessons?

No, there are no pull-out lessons at LT.  We do have a list of private teachers who teach during the orchestra classes. Students wishing to take private lessons are excused from rehearsal to take their lesson.


If I want to play sports can I still be in Orchestra?

Yes, Yes, YES! Orchestra rehearsals are scheduled so they do not conflict with athletic practices and games. In the event there is a conflict students are excused to attend sport related games and are NOT penalized in anyway. Every student in orchestra participates in other school sports and activities.


Does the school own instruments which are available for student use?

Yes, the school owns a limited number of instruments. Most are the larger instruments such as cello and string bass. The school does have some violin and violas for students with hardships. Check with the directors for specific instrument needs.


Can I be in Band and Choir or Band and Orchestra?

Yes. We encourage students to have as many musical experiences as possible. Each year, a number of LT students take more than one music course.


What if I am worried that I will need to keep a period free for study hall?

Orchestra is a great way to get your “Fine Arts Credit” out of the way as a freshman. Please remember that typically once students put down their instrument they will probably never pick it up again. We encourage students to enroll in orchestra as freshmen and after they have had a variety of experiences at high school to be more selective if their schedule demands.


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