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ACT Accommodations

Application Steps for Students with an IEP/504 Plan

If a student wishes to take a national ACT, they should denote they have testing accommodations when registering for the assessment. This will notify the staff at LTHS that accommodations have been requested, and the student’s case manager/504 coordinator will complete the application process. All accommodations requests must be submitted two weeks before the late registration deadline.

Application Steps for Students without an IEP/504 Plan

  1. Go to the ACT website. Refer to the chart on the Accommodations on the ACT Test page to review the requirements and features of the types of accommodations.
  2. Go to the ACT website. Register for your preferred test date at least two weeks prior to the registration deadline. This is done through the student's ACT web account. Create a web account on the ACT website or log in to your existing account.
    1. ACT will automatically email instructions to the student regarding how to work with the Testing Office to request accommodations. This email will contain your ACT ID number.
  3. Submit a completed ACT Consent to Release Information Form as possible. These forms are required at least with documentation to the Testing Office as soon two weeks prior to the registration deadline.
    1. The ACT Consent to Release form will be included in the email instructions from ACT.
    2. For information about required documentation, please see the ACT Policy for Documentation.
  4. The ACT Decision Notification will be emailed to the district’s student services office decision will be emailed .  A copy of the  to the student and parent(s)/guardian(s). Accommodations for all ACTs are reviewed and decisions are made by the ACT company. Any questions regarding the decision, should be directed to the company and not LTHS staff.


All accommodations decisions are made by ACT. All questions on decisions made by the testing companies should go directly to the ACT.