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College Board Accommodations

Application Steps for Students with an IEP/504 Plan

A student’s special education case manager or the 504 coordinator will apply for College Board accommodations each winter in preparation of April PSAT and SAT assessments and spring AP exams. If a student plans to take a fall PSAT or SAT, they must reach out to their case manager/504 coordinator two weeks before the published deadline.  It can take 7 weeks for accommodations to be approved so plan accordingly.

Application Steps for Students without an IEP/504 Plan

  1. Go to the College Board website and refer to the accommodations guidelines.
  2. Obtain the Consent Form for Accommodations Request (download from the website)
  3. Submit the Consent Form and documentation to the Testing Office at least two weeks prior to the College Board accommodation's deadline.
    1. Submit copies of the required documentation (i.e., certified physician's letter verifying the need for accommodations as well as the diagnosis and treatment, neuropsychological testing reports, etc.).
    2. SAT documentation requirements
  4. Accommodation requests for the PSAT, SAT, and AP Exams are reviewed and decisions are made by the College Board. Notification will be mailed to the student by the College Board. Any questions regarding the decision should be directed to the company and not LTHS staff.


All accommodations decisions are made by College Board. All questions on decisions made by the testing companies should go directly to the College Board.