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NEW! 2022-23 Proposed Calendar

The proposed 2022-23 calendar is posted for review.

A newly proposed 2022-23 calendar is posted for review. LT was recently notified by the Illinois State Board of Education that November 8. 2022 will be observed as a non-attendance day throughout the state for election Day. Losing that day, caused a number of changes to the calendar previously brought forward for a first reading at the September meeting. 

The new draft calendar recommends August 22 as the first day of school and ends first semester before winter break.

Details include:

176 school days

83 days First Semester, 93 days Second Semester

183 teacher work days

Significant Dates

First day of School: August 22

Election Day: November 8

Last day of Semester 1: December 23

First day of Semester 2: January 10

Spring Break: March 27-31

Last day of Semester 2: June 1

Teacher Work Day: June 2

Graduation: May 31

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Director of Curriculum and Instruction Scott Eggerding at


2022-23 Calendar