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Grant helps provide culinary kits

LT received a $450 grant from the Cook County Farm Bureau in an effort to help provide the necessary resources for students to participate in culinary lab experiences while in a remote setting.

LT culinary and advanced culinary students were surveyed and asked what supplies and resources they didn’t have access to and were not be able to get to participate in the skill assessments while learning remotely.

Some of the supplies culinary students referenced they needed include omelet pan, rolling pin, muffin pan, muffin liners, pastry brush and more. 

The students will be using basic ingredients to show they have mastered specific culinary skills. Students will also be completing hands-on lab experiences which will be assessed through live participation, as well as video and photo submissions.

Beginning culinary students will be test on their omelet-making and quick bread skills, while advanced students will demonstrate knife skills and execute a fresh pasta dish.