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Student government officers announced

The campaigns are over and the votes have been tabulated. Lyons Township High School Student Council representatives and class officers for the 2021-2022 school year have been announced. Class officers represent each grade level and work to coordinate events and fundraisers for their class, among other things. Class of 2025 class officers will be decided at the beginning of fall semester.

Student Council
President: Maia Halm, Class of 2022
North Campus Vice President: Catie Ramicone, Class of 2022
South Campus Vice President: Jack Micaletti, Class of 202
Sophie Peto, Class of 2022: Secretary                                   
Treasurer: Alinna Zhang, Class of 2022                     

Senior Class Board
President: Murphy Byrne, Class of 2022 
Vice President: Ella Arnold, Class of 2022  
Secretary: Ava Froelich, Class of 2022 
Treasurer: Megan Mahoney, Class of 2022         

Junior Class Board
President: Maddie Grayson, Class of 2023         
Vice President: Maia Rudofski, Class of 2023        
Secretary: TBD                                    
Treasurer: Patrick Woods, Class of 2023      

Sophomore Class Board
President: Emma Schultz, Class of 2024      
Vice President: Keira Petrusha, Class of 2024       
Secretary: TBD                                    
Treasurer: Jack Hull, Class of 2024     

In addition to the student-elected officers, Aamina Qureshi, Class of 2022, was named the 2021-2022 Student Representative to the Board of Education. She starts her one-year term in August.

The Student Representative to the Board was created more than 20 years ago and was designed to improve and increase student participation and presence in school operations. The position requires the liaison to have a broad view of the school and all aspects of the LTHS experience.