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Activate your ClassLink account!

Welcome to ClassLink LaunchPad, a tool that provides a dashboard of applications and web resources, and helps students manage and secure their online identities. ClassLink will simplify student access to all school resources, including district Google accounts, via a single username and password. It also provides ways for students to recover/reset their own passwords, should they ever forget them. For more on LaunchPad, please click here.

Starting at 4pm, Friday, August 6, all students' accounts / passwords were reset so their LaunchPad services can be initiated. Their Google accounts, which will be accessible through the LaunchPad dashboard, have been redirected to use the same passwords as their LT network usernames. LaunchPad will be ready for activation by late Saturday morning.

To activate LaunchPad services, complete the unification of their accounts and to secure their updated accounts, students should refer to the email sent to them on Thursday, August 5, for details.

For a complete guide to this process, please click here.

If a student hasn't made an appointment for Book Pick-up by Friday afternoon, please wait until Saturday, complete the LaunchPad activation process and then visit the Book Pick-up site to select an appointment reservation. For more information about book Pick-up or to schedule an appointment if you haven't already done so, please visit Book Pick-Up