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Welcome new LT teachers!

Fourteen teachers will join Lyons Township High School for the 2021-22 school year.

Recently, teachers new to LT embarked on an intense week-long Induction and Mentoring Program that launched a comprehensive, four-year path of continuous professional growth and development. At the root of this program is the belief that learning is a life-long process.

The program is designed to prepare new teachers for and become acclimated to LTHS. New teachers met with the superintendent, principal, director of student activities, their division chair and a variety of other administrators. New teachers were also paired with a mentor, a veteran teacher in his/her department, who assists throughout the year with everything from logistics to curriculum.

New teachers heard presentations on Professional Learning Communities, LT’s evaluation model, technology training, discipline, assessment, curricular integration, etc.

Please welcome the following new faculty to LT for the 2021-2022 school year:

Bryan Aloisio: Physical Education   
  Master of Arts, 2017 -Michigan State University
  Bachelor of Science, 2009 -Michigan State University

Candace Jackson Fauth: Science
   Master of Education, 2017 -Northeastern Illinois University
   Master of Science, 2010 -University of Illinois at Chicago
   Bachelor of Arts, 2006 -University of Illinois at Chicago 

Brielle Hawrysz: Science                  
  Master of Science, 2009 -Purdue University
  Bachelor of Science, 2005 -St. Xavier University 

Luke Jansen: Social Studies              
  Bachelor of Arts, 2018 -University of Iowa 

Allison Laskowski (Madonia): Social Studies
  Master of Arts, 2020 -University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 
  Master of Arts, 2019 -Pace University
  Bachelor of Science, 2015 -National Louis University 

Britt Lindahl: Math/Science              
  Master of Arts, 2018 -Aurora University
  Bachelor of Science, 2013 -University of Illinois 

Brendan McCormack: Business Education          
  Bachelor of Arts, 2015 -Illinois North Central College 

Brittany Milovanovic: Art                 
  Bachelor of Arts, 2009 -DePaul University 

Edward Petrak: Special Education    
  Bachelor of Science, 2020 -University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 

Natalie Petrevski: Science                 
  Master of Education, 2018 -University of Illinois
  Bachelor of Arts, 2014 -University of Illinois 

Bianca Spalla: Mathematics              
  Bachelor of Science, 2020 -Northern University 

Brooke Spencer: Student Services    
  Master of Arts, 2020 -Lewis University
  Bachelor of Arts,2013 -Aurora University 

Victoria Steinbrunner: Science         
  Bachelor of Science, 2017 -Northern Michigan University 

Kylie Tunk: Social Studies               
  Bachelor of Science, 2019 -Illinois State University