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Advanced Placement Scholars named

Three hundred seventy-five Lyons Township High School students have been named Advanced Placement Scholars in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program Exams. AP Scholars may receive college credit, advanced placement or both for their success on the exams. Students took AP exams in May 2021 after completing challenging college-level courses.

AP exams were offered in 29 disciplines, each consisting of multiple-choice, essay, or problem-solving questions. AP exams are graded on a 1-5 point scale (5 is the highest). Most of the nation's colleges and universities award credit and/or placement for grades of 3 or higher, and more than 1,300 institutions award one year of credit to students with a sufficient number of qualifying grades.

       The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on the number of year-long courses and exams.

  • One student qualified for the AP International Diploma awarded to those who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines.
  • 154 LT students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award with an average grade of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or above on five or more AP exams.
  • 75 LT students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honors Award with an average grade of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken and scores of 3 or above on four or more AP exams.
  • 145 LT students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Exams, with grades of 3 or higher.

AP International Diploma                                                                               

 Quinn Riordan-Class of 2021                


AP Scholar with Distinction                                                                                        

 Tudor Alexandreanu-Senior
 Kevin Allison-Class of 2021                  
 Bridget Arnold-Class of 2021                  
 Ahmad Ayyeh-Class of 2021                  
 Ana Babnigg-Senior                               
 Daniel Babnigg-Class of 2021                  
 Benjamin Barney-Class of 2021                  
 Rebecca Birch-Class of 2021                  
 Dylan Brunelle-Class of 2021                  
 Thomas Bulir-Class of 2021                  
 MacIntyre Burr-Senior                               
 Camille Buttin-Class of 2021   
 Conor Cahill-Class of 2021                  
 Natalie Carlisle-Class of 2021                  
 Matthew Carver-Class of 2021                  
 Keegan Casella-Class of 2021                  
 Austin Castle-Class of 2021                  
 Yoonho Cho-Senior                               
 Daniel Ciecko-Class of 2021                  
 Hayden Constas-Senior                               
 Keara Corcoran-Class of 2021                  
 Connor Crowe-Senior                               
 Charles Cundiff-Senior                               
 Lucille Cygal-Senior                               
 Mira Dedhia-Class of 2021                  
 Peter Derrah-Class of 2021                  
 Christian Desimone-Class of 2021                  
 Katherine Dickman-Class of 2021                  
 Maxwell Dike-Class of 2021                  
 Ian Doherty-Class of 2021                  
 Annabel Dougherty-Class of 2021                  
 Eloise Driscoll-Class of 2021                  
 Ryan Dunn-Class of 2021                  
 Ross Dziallo-Senior                               
 Kaitlyn Easterday-Class of 2021                  
 John Fitzpatrick-Class of 2021                  
 Aileen Flores-Class of 2021                  
 Colin Flueck-Class of 2021                  
 Trenton Garrett-Class of 2021                  
 Matthew Gatland-Senior                               
 Abigail Gee-Class of 2021                  
 Adrian Gonzalez-Senior                               
 Noah Grzegorek-Senior                               
 Brendan Hall-Class of 2021                  
 Margaret Hall-Class of 2021                  
 Evan Hank-Senior                               
 Samuel Harders-Class of 2021                  
 Ava Hays-Senior                               
 John Hepp-Class of 2021                  
 Matthew Hiatt-Class of 2021                  
 Daniel Hirstein-Class of 2021                  
 Andrew Hojjat-Class of 2021                  
 Aidan Horvat-Class of 2021                  
 William Houston-Class of 2021                  
 Sarah Ibrahim-Senior 
 Ari Jameel-Senior                               
 Alexandra Jasnos-Class of 2021                  
 Aidan Joyce-Senior                               
 Catherine Judy-Class of 2021                  
 Zoe Kales-Class of 2021                  
 Casimir Kash-Class of 2021                  
 Thomas Keegan-Class of 2021                  
 Tiernan Kelly-Senior                               
 Ameer Khilfeh-Class of 2021                  
 Charles Killian-Class of 2021                  
 James King-Class of 2021                 
 Nicholas Kochankovski-Class of 2021                 
 Maciej Koszut-Class of 2021                  
 Henry Kraessig-Senior                               
 Ryan Kudia-Class of 2021                  
 Alexander Kuehnle-Senior                               
 Ava Kuhlman-Senior                               
 Rebecca Kural-Class of 2021                  
 Charlotte Land-Class of 2021                  
 Jocelyn Liddell-Class of 2021                  
 Matthew Lynch-Senior                               
 Evan Madden-Senior                               
 Sarah Madden-Class of 2021                  
 Connor Madigan-Class of 2021                  
 Genesis Magpayo-Class of 2021                  
 Keeley Mahoney-Class of 2021                  
 Clara Maney-Class of 2021                  
 Lily Mattern-Class of 2021                  
 Ryan McAllister-Class of 2021                  
 Michael McDermott-Class of 2021                  
 Margaret Meehan-Class of 2021                  
 Ameera Mirza-Class of 2021                  
 Andrej Mitevski-Senior                               
 Sean Mulcrone-Class of 2021                  
 Kevin Murphy-Class of 2021                  
 Jacob Muth-Class of 2021                  
 Melaina Muth-Class of 2021                  
 Edward Navarro-Class of 2021                  
 Eleanor Neary-Senior                               
 Noah Negron-Class of 2021                  
 Winifred Nevis-Class of 2021                  
 Emma Newman-Senior                               
 Grace Newman-Class of 2021                  
 Brendan Nolan-Class of 2021                  
 Natalie O'Brien-Class of 2021                  
 Joseph O'Connell-Class of 2021                  
 Charles O'Neill-Class of 2021                  
 Ana Lucia Ochoa-Senior                        
 Madison Ohm-Class of 2021                  
 Yanfu Ou-Senior                               
 Elizabeth Patel-Class of 2021                  
 Joseph Patel-Senior                               
 Robert Pawlowski-Senior                               
 Timothy Perr-Class of 2021                  
 Lindsey Petersen-Senior                               
 Emma Pinta-Class of 2021                  
 James Pittacora-Class of 2021                  
 Alexandra Pomrening-Class of 2021                  
 Kelli Powers-Class of 2021                  
 Paul Racanelli-Class of 2021                  
 Madison Radtke-Senior                               
 Catherine Rak-Class of 2021                  
 Norah Reedy-Class of 2021                  
 Olivia Rich-Class of 2021                  
 Kevin Rife-Class of 2021                  
 Quinn Riordan-Class of 2021                  
 Daniel Roemer-Class of 2021                  
 Aimee Rounds-Senior                               
 Anna Rutkowski-Class of 2021                  
 Tomas Samuolis-Class of 2021                  
 John Santaniello-Class of 2021                  
 Isabella Schierl-Senior                               
 Olivia Schilling-Class of 2021                  
 John Schmitt-Class of 2021                  
 Anne Scotty-Class of 2021                  
 Nathan Scriba-Class of 2021                  
 Maeve Seyer-Senior                               
 Ruchi Shah-Class of 2021                  
 Kyle Sherman-Senior                               
 Melissa Sloan-Class of 2021                  
 Ava Smith-Class of 2021                  
 Sylvia Snyder-Senior                               
 Ryan Stark-Class of 2021                  
 Luke Stockbridge-Senior                               
 Elena Stoddard-Class of 2021                  
 Lucy Strazis-Class of 2021                  
 Robert Sullivan-Class of 2021                  
 Benjamin Taylor-Class of 2021                  
 Lauren Turf-Senior                               
 Adriana Vassek-Senior                               
 Joshua Vavra-Class of 2021                  
 John Wall-Class of 2021                  
 Sara Walters-Senior                               
 Claire Williams-Class of 2021                  
 Robert Wilson-Class of 2021                  
 Charlotte Wisthuff-Class of 2021                  
 Connor Wolosewicz-Senior                               
 Julia Woods-Class of 2021                  
 Benjamin Zierdt-Class of 2021                  


AP Scholar with Honor                                                                                                 

 Luke D. Alpe-Class of 2021
 Benjamin D. Arney-Class of 2021
 Keg A. Avakian-Senior
 Nicole D. Brom-Class of 2021
 Wolfgang B. Burtner-Senior
 Ella G. Bylsma-Senior
 Mary C. Callaghan-Class of 2021
 William J. Carroll-Senior
 Zoe Chabria-Senior
 Brooke E. Chomko-Senior
 Isabella E. Chon-Senior
 Hope C. Cordes-Class of 2021
 Owen J. Cornell-Senior
 Molly C. Corrough-Class of 2021
 Isabella S. DeMarco-Class of 2021
 William G. Dodds-Senior
 Adaora Ezike-Class of 2021
 Ella C. Fix-Class of 2021
 Finn Gallagher-Senior
 Xavier F. Gawel Barden-Senior
 Luke J. Gertsmeier-Class of 2021
 Natalie L. Glawe-Class of 2021
 Madeline H. Gruca-Class of 2021
 Lily Hanafin-Senior
 Caroline M. Hart-Senior
 Katrina L. Heffner-Class of 2021
 Joshua K. Henley-Class of 2021
 Joseph D. Hines-Class of 2021
 Alison N. Jacobs-Class of 2021
 Emmett T. James-Senior
 Alana Jensen-Senior
 Noah Jouras-Class of 2021
 Kaitlyn R. Joyner-Class of 2021
 Morgan E. Kearney-Class of 2021
 Firas J. Khuzam-Class of 2021
 Daniel Klos-Senior
 Reese E. Komsthoeft-Class of 2021
 Alexandar Kostich-Class of 2021
 Larysa B. Krueger-Senior
 Monika N. Krueger-Senior
 Nathan Lack-Class of 2021
 Elma Malagic-Class of 2021
 William L. McKenna-Class of 2021
 Charlotte H. McLaughlin-Class of 2021
 Charlie B. McLawhorn-Senior
 Nathan D. Melby-Class of 2021
 Samantha Meyers-Class of 2021
 Sophia K. Nelson-Senior
 Dailey E. Newcomb-Senior
 Kayed Q. Nofal-Senior
 Julie A. O’Heron-Class of 2021
 Rory A. Quealy-Senior
 Julia E. Reven-Senior
 Grace F. Roberts-Class of 2021
 Alejandra I. Rodriguez-Class of 2021
 Orla R. Ryan-Senior
 Charlotte H. Sands-Senior
 Jake Santaniello-Class of 2021
 Jacob J. Schaefer-Class of 2021
 Sarah B. Schierl-Senior
 Taylor M. Schwaab-Class of 2021
 Justin R. Shah-Class of 2021
 Jinann A. Shoshara-Senior
 Tyler J. Simms-Senior
 Casey J. Sluis-Senior
 Daniel J. Snyder-Class of 2021
 Nina M. Soofi-Class of 2021
 Diana Stirn-Senior
 Delaney M. Sullivan-Senior
 Madeleine A. Tarter-Class of 2021
 Seth T. Traman-Class of 2021
 Henry A. Turcotte-Class of 2021
 Olivia E. Vie-Class of 2021
 Julia J. Vincent-Senior
 Ainsley J. Yuknis-Class of 2021 


AP Scholar                                                                                                                         

 Syed Z. Abbas-Senior
 Tye A. Abbott-Junior
 James D. Aldrich-Senior
 Syed Humzah I. Ali-Class of 2021
 Payton R. Anderson-Senior
 Nicole Bendyk-Junior
 Elena M. Bertuglia-Class of 2021
 Mariah E. Bonfiglio-Class of 2021
 Beaudan W. Brown-Senior
 Julia R. Brown-Class of 2021
 Jasper W. Burns-Class of 2021
 Michael M. Byrne-Junior
 George I. Caplice-Class of 2021
 Ryan Carlson-Class of 2021
 Alexis J. Carmody-Senior
 Connor P. Carroll-Junior
 Claire M. Casper-Class of 2021
 Emma Cassidy-Senior
 Grant Castle-Class of 2021
 Shawn M. Cavanaugh-Senior
 Nicole R. Chronis-Senior
 Mason A. Coffelt-Class of 2021
 Rebecca A. Cooper-Class of 2021
 Olivia A. Corcoran-Class of 2021
 Nora Daley-Class of 2021
 Alex Dickett-Class of 2021
 Sean Dolliff-Class of 2021
 Matthew R. Drafz-Senior
 Emre Ersahin-Junior
 Susanna S. Eskandar-Class of 2021
 Veronica S. Eskandar-Class of 2021
 Adrian Z. Ezsias-Class of 2021
 Kevin Fatora-Class of 2021
 Mary K. Ferrell-Class of 2021
 Michael L. Ferrell-Junior
 Catherine E. Fisher-Class of 2021
 Michael A. Foster-Senior
 Justin A. Frerk-Class of 2021
 Nicolette L. Froemel-Class of 2021
 Morgan G. Fry-Senior
 Graeme G. Gantt-Senior
 Sandra Georgy-Senior
 Isabel M. Gonzalez-Senior
 Cole T. Gordon-Class of 2021
 Abigail M. Guerra-Class of 2021
 Spencer C. Hansen-Senior
 Casey J. Hart-Senior
 Owen M. Hays-Class of 2021
 Jake A. Heetel-Senior
 Gonzalo Herrera-Senior
 Charlotte D. Hession-Class of 2021
 Grace P. Higgins-Junior
 Brandon J. Hornickle-Junior
 Grace F. Hughes-Senior
 Emily E. Jacobs-Class of 2021
 Parker J. Jeffrey-Class of 2021
 Keira Jensen-Senior
 Emily E. Joseph-Senior
 Sophia R. Joyce-Senior
 Emad M. Khilfeh-Senior
 Samuel D. Kidder-Senior
 Sarah A. Korpolinski-Senior
 Sophie Kostovski-Class of 2021
 David C. Kostrzewa-Senior
 Sylvia A. Kozub-Senior
 Mary G. Lansing-Class of 2021
 Aidan M. Lee-Senior
 Phoebe R. Lettiere-Junior
 Micah C. Lin-Class of 2021
 Samantha Linares-Class of 2021
 Marko Ljuboja-Senior
 Liliana E. Lopez-Class of 2021
 Sophia G. Lucina-Class of 2021
 Liam O. Ludden-Class of 2021
 Sawyer Madell-Class of 2021
 Ella Mahaney-Senior
 Emmett Mahoney-Senior
 Evelyn S. Majerczyk-Senior
 Emma C. Mayergoyz-Class of 2021
 Sabrina Mazzone-Class of 2021
 Andrew R. McCann-Junior
 Gabriella W. Mendes-Senior
 Michael L. Micaletti-Senior
 Saverio V. Miller-Junior
 Dominic J. Mini-Senior
 Callum R. Mitchell-Class of 2021
 Abraham C. Morales-Senior
 Janessa X. Mosqueda-Senior
 Ryan P. Murphy-Senior
 Elias S. Newlin-Class of 2021
 Samuel J. Nowak-Class of 2021
 Kyle J. O'Connor-Class of 2021
 Marissa O'Connor-Class of 2021
 Sarah O'Riley-Senior
 Brendan J. O'Rourke-Class of 2021
 Abigail Odelson-Class of 2021
 Sophia Padgett-Class of 2021
 Tessa N. Papartis-Class of 2021
 Jalen D. Pfaff-Senior
 Megan K. Prock-Senior
 Ava R. Quinn-Class of 2021
 Emily G. Quintero-Senior
 Jessica M. Quintero-Class of 2021
 Aamina N. Qureshi-Senior
 Mia J. Rachford-Class of 2021
 Conor J. Radwanski-Class of 2021
 Owen J. Rand-Class of 2021
 Gabriella Y. Rauf-Senior
 Kathryn L. Rausch-Senior
 Nicole O. Rentz-Senior
 Duska Richert-Senior
 Xavier Rios-Class of 2021
 Angel M. Rivera-Class of 2021
 Adam V. Rudofski-Class of 2021
 Victoria A. Salvato-Class of 2021
 Taylor M. Schullo-Class of 2021
 Sophia L. Schultz-Class of 2021
 Katerina Serembytska-Class of 2021
 Adriana M. Serrano Matsumo-Class of 2021
 Timothy R. Slusarczyk-Class of 2021
 Michael J. Sommerfeld-Class of 2021
 Joseph X. Sorice-Senior
 Tadas R. Stankus-Class of 2021
 Samuel A. Stillo-Class of 2021
 Isabella C. Strauss-Class of 2021
 Michael Talapin-Junior
 John W. Taylor-Class of 2021
 Emily E. Toomey-Class of 2021
 Vuk Trifkovic-Senior
 Austin W. Turcotte-Class of 2021
 Ryan L. Turf-Senior
 Michael Uremovic-Senior
 Markas L. Venclovas-Senior
 Luis A. Villasenor-Class of 2021
 Andrew J. Vitek-Senior
 Lydia E. Vulich-Class of 2021
 Henry Wang-Senior
 Jack P. Wanless-Senior
 Emma A. Wehling-Class of 2021
 Daniel J. Weiler-Class of 2021
 Lucille Wenstrup-Class of 2021
 Luke Whelton-Senior
 Ryan J. Whelton-Senior
 Campbell J. Wixted-Junior
 Susan M. Yeager-Senior