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Community Update: 10.3.21

Dear Lyons Township High School District #204 Community, 

As a follow-up to yesterday’s message, we want our school community to know we continue to collaborate with the Western Springs Police Department and will work with them to keep you updated as the investigation into Saturday’s incident continues. We are thankful for the partnership we have with the Western Springs PD, and we appreciate their leadership and efforts to ensure the safety of our community. We also want to reiterate that the Western Springs PD continues to believe there is no immediate or apparent threat to our community. To that end, we are looking forward to a positive upcoming week at LT.  

We want to thank our staff, students, parents, and community for an outstanding 2021 Homecoming Week, while also acknowledging the disappointment many of our students experienced with the cancellation of last night’s Homecoming Dance. Please know we are working to reschedule the dance within the next few weeks and additional details will be shared by Friday, October 8. 

Yesterday’s incident serves as a great reminder of the importance of “when you see something, say something.” The greatest tool schools have in maintaining safe learning environments continues to be the positive relationships we have with each other, and we rely on the proactive nature of reporting concerns when you hear or see them.   

We are thankful to be a part of the amazing LT community and appreciate your patience, understanding, and cooperation during Saturday’s incident.   

Dr. Brian Waterman, Superintendent
Dr. Jennifer Tyrrell, Principal