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Recycling Club hosts battery drive

To celebrate America Recycles Day on November 15, the  Recycling Club ( is hosting its annual battery drive from November 15-19. Standard household alkaline (A, AA, AAA, C, D) batteries to rechargeable lithium ion (found in cell phones and digital cameras) to car batteries will be accepted. All LT students, families and community members are invited to drop their used batteries in the labeled collection boxes at the main entrances and the main office of both campuses. For questions, contact Recycling Club sponsors Suzanne Andersen or Will Meuer.

According to statistics, Americans throw away more than 3 billion batteries, or about 180,000 tons each year. According to Recycling Club Co-Sponsor Suzanne Andersen, “Recycling is an easy way to reduce waste from disposal in landfills, improve sustainability efforts and protect the environment.” Most batteries contain strong and harmful chemicals. It's important to recycle batteries so they don't leak into the environment, water and surrounding ecosystems, she added.