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Care Space is OPEN!

During the week of giving thanks, LT is thrilled to announce that the LT Care Space is officially open! The LT Care Space is a community space designed to support the needs of students. 

LT’s Latinos Juntos Club has been busy helping prepare this much-needed space at both campuses- at South Campus in Room B101 and the College/Career Center at North Campus. Care Space will help provide daily resources, such as school supplies, hygiene products, non-perishable food items, clothing, backpacks, and anything else a student might need to be productive during the school day.

Latinos Juntos co-president senior Janessa Mosqueda was surprised when she arrived at LT as a sophomore to find these resources were not readily available for lower-income students. A former student from the southwest side of Chicago, she said it’s difficult for students to go without and even harder to ask for help. The Care Space will allow students to easily obtain the things they need.

Mosqueda along with fellow members of the Latinos Juntos club shopped for items and are working with different clubs and organizations to help stock the shelves. The administration pledged approximately $4,000 in grant money each year for the next three years and the Care Space also received an anonymous donation of $1,000. Fundraising events for supplies will also be hosted to ensure the space stays fully-stocked year-round. 

While the space is intended to benefit low-income students who may not have access to these necessary items at home, all students are encouraged to utilize the space when they need it. 

“Every student, at some point, has not remembered to pack a lunch and has been without food,” Mosqueda said.

LT has designed a process that aims at eliminating barriers/obstacles, honors our students’ dignity, and makes it easy for students to access supplies and items that support their needs.  
LT Care Space
Things to Know:
  • Each campus has a designated Care Space location
  • South Campus – B101
  • North Campus – College and Career Center
  • The contacts for the Care Space are the Associate Principals - South Campus Associate Principal Greg Gardner ( or North Campus Associate Principal Kevin Brown (
  • Students can access the Care Space in the following ways:
  • Talking to a trusted adult at LT. Any staff member can assist students to access resources from the Care Space. 
  • Students and/or families can fill out this form in order to share items that the student needs
  • Students can stop by the AP Office, Counseling Office, or Main Office at either campus for urgent and immediate support
  • Stop by the South Campus Care Space during open hours 
  • Wednesday mornings from 8:00am – 8:45am
  • Tuesday and Thursdays after school from 3:05pm – 3:45pm
Making Donations:
LT Care Space donations are accepted in the following ways:
  • For monetary donations, a link is available on the LTHS webpage.
  • For donations of school supplies, personal supplies, or gift cards, contact South Campus Associate Principal Greg Gardner ( or North Campus Associate Principal Kevin Brown (
  • Clothing donations: LTHS can only accept donations of new items such as gloves, coats, etc. We are not able to accept used items at this time.
Important information about the LT Care Space can be found on the LT webpage.