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Vita Plena Award Recipient: Mary Alice Gamble

The Vita Plena Award has been presented by the Superintendent to a deserving individual since the mid 1990’s. Last year, Dr. Waterman reached out to the 32 current staff members who have received a Vita Plena Award because he wanted to get their thoughts on what the award meant to them and also to ask them for information on the characteristics they feel were most important in them being selected. The themes that were discovered were innovation, inspiration and creativity, and overall, the award recipients are those who are selfless and go above and beyond. 

As we looked to honor a staff member with a Vita Plena Award for Quarter 1, Mary Alice Gamble, who is an Administrative Assistant here at LTHS was a natural choice. Mary Alice started with us in August, 2005, and has been the Administrative Assistant in the Curriculum and Instruction Office throughout her career with LTHS. In the years prior to joining LT, Mary Alice spent time at both the Illinois Autism Project and at LADSE, where she supported the different organizations' efforts to support students with special needs. Mary Alice graduated from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Simply put, we are proud to work with Mary Alice and she supports our staff, students, and families, and everything she does embodies what the Vita Plena Award is about, which is why we are honored to recognize her.

Congratulations Mary Alice!