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November South Campus Students of the Month

Lyons Township High School has released its November 2022 South Campus Students of the Month. Students were nominated by their teachers then selected by the various departments as the most exemplary students in each subject.

Congratulations to the following South Campus Students of the Month:

Anne Bishop, Sophomore - Symphony Orchestra

Krystalo Cios, Sophomore - Civics

Elizabeth Echeverria, Freshman - EL 

David Frehner, Freshman - Student Services 

Tanner Fridrych, Freshman - Keyboarding

Siena Garcia-Rizzo, Sophomore - Advanced Culinary Arts

Clarisa Gonzalez, Sophomore - French II Accel

Isabella Holecek, Sophomore - Geometry Accel

Sherwin Lasrado, Freshman - Biology

Liam Maciasz, Freshman - Ceramics Beginning

Sara McMillan, Sophomore - Dance Studies/Fitness PE 

London Shannon-Muscolino, Sophomore - Engineering and Invention

Anthony Washington, Freshman - Student Services