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BPA State Qualifiers

​LT is proud to announce 30 students who will be competing at the Illinois Business Professionals of America State Leadership Conference held February 23-25, 2023 in Oakbrook.

Congratulations to:

Bazil Bednar, Senior - Extemporaneous Speech
Bazil Bednar, Senior - Human Resource Management
Quentin Bourgeois, Sophomore - Economic Research Team
Samuel Canfield, Junior - Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
Holden Carroll, Senior - Java Programming
Holden Carroll, Senior - SQL Database Fundamentals
Ava Cousins, Junior - Basic Office Systems & Procedures
Owen Cutler, Junior - Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
Josh Furey, Sophomore - Economic Research Team
Patrick Furey, Senior - Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
Patrick Furey, Senior - Network Design Team
Delfina Grozdanoska, Senior - Banking & Finance
Peter Koppany, Junior - Economic Research Individual
Marisa Lin, Sophomore - Personal Financial Management
Marisa Lin, Sophomore - Fundamentals of Web Design
Andy  McCann, Senior - Advanced Accounting
Saverio Miller, Senior - Network Design Team
Saverio Miller, Senior - Java Programming
Lucas Pender, Senior - Computer Security
Lucas Pender, Senior - Network Design Team
Michael Pister, Sophomore - Integrated Office Applications
Michael Pister, Sophomore - Python Programming
Eric Roemer, Sophomore - Fundamental Word Processing
Eric Roemer, Sophomore - Python Programming
Noah Stanukinas, Senior - Device Configuration and Troubleshooting
Noah Stanukinas, Senior - Network Design Team
Isah Vesel, Senior - Java Programming
Isah Vesel, Senior - Python Programming
James Walsh, Junior - Fundamental Word Processing
Vanessa Zhang, Sophomore - Banking & Finance