Practice Groupings and Info

Hi Everyone,

Practice will take place from 3:30-5:30 each weekday in the SC back fields, and 7-9 AM on Saturdays.

Below, I have posted the specific symptom tracker for your group.  Please DO NOT take the tracker for another coach’s group.  Be sure your tracker matches with your coach. 



·         Coach Taylor’s Group Location:  NW Field House Doors (where we checked you in on the tryout day)

·         Coach Taylor's Symptom Tracker


·         Coach Frandsen’s Group Location:  Under the Scoreboard by the Varsity Baseball Field

·         Coach Frandsen's Symptom Tracker


·         Coach Sal’s Group Location:  Tables by the Sophomore Cafeteria (near the corral)

·         Coach Salaymeh's Symptom Tracker


·         Coach Lyons’ Group Location:  Starting Line of the Cross Country Course

·         Coach Lyons Symptom Tracker