Relaxation, Stress Management, and Meditation Apps

Universal Breathing: Pranayama

  • focuses on breathing
  • frequently on “best of yoga app” lists, it guides users through the steps of yogic breathing
  • yogic breath techniques are encouraged to increase mindfulness and a sense of calm
  • cost $4.99


  • focuses on gratitude
  • log and track the things that bring you happiness
  • create collections with photos and links
  • social media component
  • mindful gratitude is thought to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Free. In-app purchases.


  • focuses on life tracking
  • asks questions throughout the day so you can track mood, activity, relationships, and more
  • based on Nicholas Felton’s (one of the designers of the Facebook Timeline) experience tracking his own life this way.
  • cost $3.99

  • focuses on meditation
  • meditation guru to the stars strives to make meditation & mindfulness accessible to all
  • visually appealing and unassuming,
  • walks users through simple steps that add up to developing a meditation practice
  • Free 10-day trial. $6.24- $13.99 per month thereafter


  • focuses on meditation
  • includes custom meditation for different times of day and situations
  • 6 sample meditations on website – free. $4.99 download 80 meditations.

  • meditation focus
  • offers varied lengths of meditations
  • Free. In-app purchases.

Smiling Mind

  • mindfulness focus
  • guides users through meditations
  • activities geared toward specific age ranges
  • includes a reflection section for recording how you feel after sessions
  • Free.


  • mindfulness focus
  • guides users through reflections and questions to encourage thoughtful examination of their emotions and reactions
  • based in a spiritual practice
  • Not currently available in US

Cozi family organizer

  • organization focus
  • organizer for multiple people, events, situations, allows for lists and sharing
  • stress caused by being overbooked and stretched thin might be alleviated by organization and scheduling tools
  • Free.


  • organization focus
    breaks big projects down into smaller to-do lists
  • allows collaboration and linking more desktop version as well
  • helpful for group projects as well as individual ones
  • Free.

Yoga apps

I Can Be Anything

  • stress reduction focus
  • audio lessons guide users through the steps to make positive changes in their lives
  • offers 12 different tracks (I can be a happy teenager / I can be calm / I can be motivated)
  • Free. In-app purchases.

Thanks to Heather Booth at Thomas Ford Memorial Library for compiling this list of apps.